Freight Management

We offer a comprehensive freight management solutions with flexibility to meet your changing needs. If you have a shipment we will create a solution. You can trust us for a reliable and professional solution.

Our on-line tracking service and proactive approach ensures timely execution of forwarding assignments.

Customs Clearing and Forwarding

Customs clearing and forwarding is a significant part of Import & Export business. Hassle free and timely Customs clearance of goods directly affects your cost and profitability. We believe that we have to earn your business every day. To do this we need to understand your needs and respond accordingly. We therefore work diligently to ensure that your unique requirements are met to your satisfaction.

At Shahrukh Enterprises clients are assisted and guided right from the day they decide to import or export. Correct documentation, tariff classification, applicable exemption notifications, trade agreements, pre and post shipment requirement, restriction under the trade policy and other related laws are the areas focused by us to ensure flawless customs clearance service to our clients.

Besides knowledge and experience, our excellent contacts with custom authorities are also helpful in quickly resolving problems, if any, and in handling the clearance without any delay.

Project Logistics

As far as project clearance is concerned, we vigorously apply lessons learned from our past mega project handling experiences to ensure predictable results.

At Shahrukh Enterprises project shipment are handled with great care. We plan and analyse project needs and requirements in advance which make it possible for us to render hassle free clearance service. Draft invoices are first scrutinized and approved by us, H.S. Codes are thoroughly checked and advised and applicable exemption notifications are claimed where required. The shipments are then monitored on day to day basis to avoid even a single day’s delay which may cause port demur-rage. Arrangement are made in advance to take direct delivery of over dimension and over weight pieces and transporter is lined up to lift the consignment within a day or two after landing.

All project related work is thus carried out within our quality assurance guidelines and procedures for which our staff is fully equipped and trained.


We have our vehicles for local deliveries, however for Containerized deliveries and goods meant for up country destinations we engage reliable and experienced transport companies associated with Shahrukh Enterprises since long.

Loading, transportation and delivery of over dimension and over weight project cargo is done under our supervision through transport companies owning specialized vehicles and equipment and possessing experience in handling project cargo.

Route survey is undertaken before transport of heavy or over dimension cargo and prior necessary arrangements are made to make the movement of the cargo safe and quick.


We arrange secure private, public and custom bonded warehousing on short and long term for our clients. Premises and location is carefully selected to suit our client’s requirements on competitive rates.


We offer unparalleled consultancy service to our clients on matters relating to Customs, Sales Tax and Import & Export Laws and Procedures. We also assist our clients in preparation of Import & Export documents so that delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods are avoided. For mega projects in Pakistan we can be consulted for site survey, feasibility studies, multi-modal transport arrangements, special equipment & transportation in addition to custom clearing services.